What Would Your Life Look Like If Every Part Accurately Reflected Your Soul’s True Perfection?

Life-Changing, World-Changing Breakthroughs

Via Recorded Programs & Live Facilitation Calls

The 30-Day Karma Detox Program

Unearth and clear forgotten sources of suffering while reconnecting to and amplifying joy. Gain mastery with a simple, yet powerful, heart-centered tool that will help you rapidly transform your physical health, financial life, relationships, spiritual life, and more.

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Compassion Key® Monthly Membership

Share sacred space and deep resonance with the beautiful constellation of like-hearted souls who are using The Compassion Key today. Receive live facilitations and get your questions answered during member calls and in our private online community.

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The LightWorkerAccelerator™

Amplify your field of miracles and dramatically increase your capacity to support individual healing & planetary awakening. Clear your persecution imprint and experience increasingly accurate financial abundance as you more deeply tap into and share your unique gifts.

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New Insight, Awakening & Integration

Via The Written Word

Truth & Compassion are two of the keys to individual healing and planetary awakening. As such, I have dedicated a book to each topic.


Reinventing Truth: A New Map of The Spiritual Path and Reality As It Is challenges many of the popularly held beliefs that have become conventional wisdom among modern spiritual seekers over the past 40+ years. In so doing, it exposes the most common traps people fall into on the path towards freedom and enlightenment. And how to avoid them.

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Impossible Compassion: Utilizing The Compassion Key® to Cure Disease, Save the Environment, Transform Relationships, Achieve Enlightenment… And Do All Sorts of Other Good Things for Ourselves and Everyone Else teaches readers how to harness the power of their own compassion to transform any and every part of their life while supporting others they love and humanity in doing the same.

A must-read for anyone wanting to bring their heart & soul’s ideal life into form. Learn more…

Spiritual & Professional Mastery

Via Compassion Key® Certification

Join a growing community of gifted healing facilitators and highly realized beings who share the mission of supporting miracles while helping others experience the limitless transformative power of their own heart & soul.

Add to your already robust spiritual healing tool kit or make The Compassion Key your first and only certification.

Earn a healthy living (or more than a healthy living) shining your light more brightly into the world in this important and unique way.

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Once In A Lifetime Experiences

Working With Me Privately

Are you ready to fundamentally shift the course of your life, or some important part of your life, and you feel you could benefit from the unique and powerful support I offer my private clients?Are you resonating with me and The Compassion Key, but group calls don’t feel like the right fit for you. Do you feel you might need or prefer a more personalized, 1-on-1 experience?

Perhaps you are meant to connect with me for a very specific experience such as The Highest Self Coronation Ceremony or to permanently transform your relationship with money and activate unlimited financial abundance?

If this is you, then the place to begin is with an initial consultation.

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Celebrations Of Joy

From Some Who Have Worked With Me & The Compassion Key®


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Successful Pregnancy After 3 Miscarriages

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My Light

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