My Philosophy: Integration & Wholeness

Hello, My Beautiful Soul Friends!

I wanted to write to you today and share with you a little bit about my philosophy.

Integration is totally central to my personal practice and my teachings, and it is one of the characteristics that distinguish my work from a lot of the spiritual wisdom coming into Western consciousness over the past 50 years.

In our adoption of Eastern philosophies and Buddhism in particular, as well as specific practices like Transcendental Meditation, for example, many of us in the West are pursuing the path of transcendence, instead of integration. Further, many spiritual paths and teachings hold permanent transcendence as the prized goal.

If we consider Buddhism for a moment, the end of the path is total dissolution of the ego so that we can finally and forever transcend human existence and permanently reunite with Source.

If we consider that some definitions of enlightenment rest upon the idea of achieving and them permanently resting in a place of non-dual awareness, i.e., moving beyond perceptions of self and other, right and wrong, good and evil… when considering this notion of enlightenment, we can see some similarities to the idea of permanent transcendence as the goal. Let’s get up above our regular perceptions and experience of reality into non-dual awareness and stay there forever. I.e., Transcendence.

While transcendent experiences are important steps on the path to what I refer to as “Integrated Enlightenment”, they are just that. Steps on the path.

Achieving full enlightenment embodied in physical form, “Integrated Enlightenment”, means that we are not trying to escape from our ordinary experiences and perceptions in order to get up into the light, but instead, we are bringing our light in here. To this level. Into this human existence. Into every part of our lives.

We can get up above things sometimes as part of a healing process and to gain perspective (transcendent experiences do have value); but eventually, we learn to integrate these levels, we are able to be both “up above it” and “down in it” at the same time. This is when a new level of mastery begins to reveal itself and when we can more fully experience our wholeness and completion embodied in form.

Embodied truth & light, not disembodied truth & light.

Integrated enlightenment, not transcendent enlightenment.

And when we shine our light into every part of our lives, and when more and more of us and eventually all of us are embodying and shining our light fully into form, there is nothing left to transcend. No suffering here. No shadow here.

The ego and all the confusion around ego really sits at the heart of this age-old philosophical debate. Can life in form be anything but suffering? Can we create heaven on earth, or must we permanently transcend or leave this place in order to find lasting peace and harmony?

Those who believe permanent transcendence is the only path to liberation understandably spend a lot of time beating up, trying to dissolve and in many ways demonizing the ego, the prison guard keeping us locked in this earthly cell.

Ironically, in their search for the bliss of union and their desire to move beyond “the illusion of separation”, they are actually separating themselves from an important part of themselves, their ego. They are further fragmenting themselves, while simultaneously rejecting and separating themselves from embodied reality.

To fully experience our wholeness in form, we must fully heal and integrate all of ourselves, including our wounded ego. We must clear out all our karmic imprints and distortions, so our soul’s pure light can shine in, creating the joyful life we know we are meant to live.

How do we do heal and integrate all of ourselves, clear all our karmic imprints and distortions? Through harnessing our compassion in a very specific way, through a simple, yet powerful technique I call The Compassion Key®.

If you are new to The Compassion Key and want to give it a try, I recommend checking out the free video at this link here.

Thanks so much for your interest in me and my work.

Enjoy the video, and I’ll look forward to connecting again soon!

Many Blessings,