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What’s Included:

  • Live Facilitation Calls
  • Online Community


Three or more times each month Edward and his top rated Certified Master Practitioners lead live sessions where we share sacred space and experience deep resonance with the beautiful constellation of like-minded, like-hearted souls who are using The Compassion Key to support greater awakening, integration and freedom in their lives.

These calls contain:

Deep, deep group clearings    |    Individual facilitations    |    Q&A    |    Very often both laughter and tears

They provide an excellent opportunity to increase Compassion Key mastery and get bigger, deeper breakthroughs by witnessing others’ processes and allowing them to witness yours.

Please click the headlines below to catch a glimpse of some of the breakthroughs and miracles others have been experiencing with The Compassion Key.

“Wow! I wanted to share this good news with you all. In the years I have been doing coaching and healing work professionally, I have usually earned around $1,000 or $1,500 per month with this work and never more than a few thousand dollars in any given month. This last month since starting The LightWorker Accelerator I earned $8,000 with my healing and spiritual coaching practice! Astonishing. Clearly some big breakthroughs happening for me. Thank you, Edward, and thank all of you for holding this sacred space. It’s such a blessing to be co-creating this circle of light and miracles together.”

—Tomar Levine in New York City

“I know this is a little personal but I had great sex with my husband today! That is all I’m gonna say!” (text message sent 2 days after our initial phone session)
“All I can say is I am having great sex… Like all the time!” (text message sent 5 days after our initial phone session)

—R.S., happily married mom, yoga teacher and private client in California

“Hello fellow ‘how does this all work’ students! And EDWARD. I fell in love with the Compassion Key about 7 months ago. Been on numerous webinars, in Circle One, had sessions with Edward. I thought the crap I was dealing with was beyond handling.

Update: I am UP looking down. Surrender is my word for the day. OCD issues gone (huge). I have moved house, cut my overhead more than half, my son is currently in rehab (after resisting for years), I have carved out space for myself, and I am most of the way to quitting smoking… effortlessly! I just don’t want the cigarettes anymore. I no longer need a pacifier. I have also manifested $4000 out of thin air!! I LOVE THIS!!! Instead of WTF NOW? It is what’s next? I got this. WOO HOO. Thank You, Edward!

I have studied NUMEROUS programs and modalities, and the Compassion Key is the most brilliant I have ever encountered. Unlike other modalities, CK works rapidly and consistently. For those of you who are new to this work – be careful with this one and buckle up!! It works so well it will bend your concept of what is possible!!!”

—Cindy in The Deep South

“I feel calmer these days and able to look after myself better. I’m still off sugar and caffeine. I’ve been sending myself compassion for almost expecting that this miracle might go away somehow. Just to give you a sense, I’ve been eating pretty much a cake a day for the last two months. A lot has been going on and I needed the comfort that cakes provided. When I say a cake, I don’t mean a slice, it was pretty much a whole cake a day. I used to make it at 7am, by 1pm usually 2/3 were gone. So, not to have sugar at all since the Friday epic call feels surreal. Oh, and I usually drank about 6-7 cups of tea and at least one cup of coffee a day. All gone—I make my own tea these days—fresh strawberries and a slice of lemon. Thank you for all these miracles and your generous facilitation, Edward, amazing!”

—Gulara in England

“I had a pretty amazing experience using the short form (The Compassion Key short cut technique) during one of my autistic son’s anxiety rages. After I had said about 4 phrases silently to myself, just looking down while he was raging in the room, he suddenly stopped and came and put his hand on my heart. Then he started to amp up again, and after I had said a few more phrases, he was able to tell me that he was really angry. Then after I said a few more phrases (again, this is silently, and only Compassion Key phrases directed at me, not him) he sat down and could talk about what was happening for him. He was very high functioning. This experience was hard to believe, that giving myself compassion could change my son’s behavior in real time. Normally, a rage of that level lasts over 45 minutes. I was impressed enough to sign up for the LightWorker Accelerator course. Just listened to the 2nd preview call and WOW! It was very, very powerful for me. Lots of tears and shifts, and deep patterns releasing. Thanks Edward! I so appreciate what you are doing in the world and the ripple effect it is having.”

—CiCi in Circle 1

Well, I never thought I’d be the one with a miracle to share! At 5pm today, I had my 1-on-1 25-minute miracle session with Edward. At 7p today, the man I finally left after 5 and 1/2 years together because he wouldn’t marry me – yep, he asked me to marry him. I am speechless (but I did manage to say yes!)

—Jordan in Europe

I have been doing The compassion Key for 6 months, Edward’s Circle 1 and Lightworker Accelerator programs. Both of these programs are incredibly powerful if you want life changes.

When I first met Edward, I had given up, ready to check out completely and take my dog with me.

Edward is one of the most genuine, compassionate people I have ever met. His work is powerful on so many levels. I am not only still on the planet, but my whole perspective has changed. What I felt I could no longer tolerate, I can now, I have faith and trust, I have self love.

I went from living on large quantities of very strong pain medications, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds plus others – FOR NEARLY FIFTEEN YEARS – to being 100% medication free in only a few months working with The Compassion Key. Wow!

So many other miracles have transpired due to Edward and his work. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to make dramatic changes in their life.

Edward is a SUPERSTAR ROCK STAR in my book, and there is nothing else out there like his work, both are truly one of a kind!
Besides, his laughter alone is worth a million dollars, it’s contagious and beautiful as he and his soul are truly beautiful and a gift to humanity.

—Georgia S in Missouri

Prior to my session with Edward and working with The Compassion Key, I had 3 miscarriages in a period of about 4 years. The third was the most traumatic because the pregnancy failed when I was already 5 1/2 months pregnant. I didn’t think anything could go wrong that late in the pregnancy. When it happened the doctors couldn’t tell me why it happened, and I think one of the hardest parts was not knowing or understanding what went wrong.

Almost a year later, my husband and I had been continuing to cautiously hope for another pregnancy, and a successful one, of course. But we weren’t conceiving, I think I was a little scared to conceive anyway, and I was starting to question whether it was meant to be. I was already 42 years old and beginning to envision my life without a child. I had recently met Edward in massage therapy school where we were in the same class, and I had a dream that he put his hand on my stomach and that I was able to have a baby. Which is pretty much what ended up happening, except not exactly.

Instead of putting his hand on my stomach, he explained to me that isn’t the type of healing work that he does, that instead he can guide me through a process where I would heal myself with my own compassion. We spent about an hour and a half together. He helped me find the root cause of the emotional pain around my failed pregnancies, which I quickly realized was also most likely the cause for the miscarriages themselves.

I gave myself compassion for unresolved trauma and guilt stemming from an event I had experienced earlier in life. I cried. I had a big release and felt light and like a big weight had been lifted. The next thing you know I’m pregnant. Literally, I conceived within less than 2 months of working with Edward and doing the compassion healing, and I knew then as I know now that it was our work together that helped me bring my child into the world. One time, 90 minutes, no follow-up sessions with him, no ongoing exercises by myself. I experienced a totally and forever life-changing healing doing this technique just one time, clearing the way for my baby boy to arrive.

I had a trouble free pregnancy, and as of today my 2 year old boy is totally healthy and is the light of my life. I knew I wanted to have a child, but as I started to feel that possibility slip away a few years ago, I thought my life would still be great and I would still be happy even without one. I know this would have mostly been true because I have a great marriage and I’m generally a happy person, but I really didn’t understand what I would have been missing out on. Knowing what I know now, I truly can’t imagine my life without my baby in it.

I can’t recommend Edward and his work highly enough. I want everyone to try a session with Edward. Especially other women in a similar situation like the one I was in. I would definitely consider trying The Compassion Key before spending $10,000 or $20,000 on an in vitro package!

I know sometimes people can become skeptical of healers and various healing techniques, but there are some people out there who just have it, a special gift, a direct connection to spirit or Angels or God.

Edward is one of those people. He is truly an Angel himself, and I am so glad he is sharing this compassion work with the world. Get to know Edward. Have a session. Try these techniques. They work, and with them, you can totally change your life.

—Mom in New York

I saw Edward interviewed and instantly resonated with him and his work.

I have since participated in his Compassion Key groups and applied the techniques to various elements in my life, notably money.

Things flowing to me more easily became noticeable right away from the group work, and later when completing 2 private sessions with Edward, significant shifts occurred on both occasions.

Our first session was around me being powerful as a healer, and right afterwards my client base quickly grew and reached the limits of my availability. Suddenly, my part time healing schedule was totally full and challenging me to consider quitting my day job!

Our second session helped shift an energetic paradigm around a past life and how it was showing up in my current life in a way that was limiting me. The shift created a desirable outcome with a major problem at work that had profound implications for me in my career and financial life (and emotionally too).

Fast forward a few months later and 1) I’ve had a major financial windfall 2) some new investments are going well and 3) I’ve quit my day job – I am seeing clients full time and am as busy as possible which is good enough to match my bank wage!

Life is awesome. Unbelievable.

The Compassion Key is the 8th wonder of the world!

—David S. in Australia

After Friday’s fantastic EPIC call, which really went to dig so deep and shone much needed light in some dark forgotten places within me I must say that I am so relieved. Two amazing events happened, the first was that some money that I was expecting but gave up on finally showed up.

The second event started out as a disaster but ended up wonderfully. On Saturday I was taking my car to the mechanic to have it fixed (I was very fortunate that we towed it to the shop since it was smoking literally and came to find out that the engine died so it was no good anymore). Faced with this fiasco I was very calm (unlike how I would have behaved in the past when I encountered terrible news I would be so mad at myself and the situation and would be so negative playing this negativity repeatedly in my head.) This time I called my cousin to let him know what had happened so he came by with one of their cars and said that he was going to gift it to me and transfer it to my name so thankfully I now have another vehicle for free. I accepted his gift graciously and thanked him so much for this incredible gesture. I thank you all for this incredible love and support in helping one another transform and shine ever so brightly. Blessings to all.

—Fatima in Virginia, Week 2 In The LightWorker Accelerator

I have become more and more totally in love with my work at the NICU and they are responding in kind and giving me more responsibilities and more direct contact with the babies. The babies respond beautifully as well — I’m a baby whisperer  My physical aches and pains have all but disappeared as well. Quite a miracle, and one I am so grateful for. I’m happy just about all the time. That’s a miracle, too…

—Stephanie M., Circle 1 Participant, Happy and Pain Free 

Not only has my work with Edward and The Compassion Key® led to a number of important internal and behavioral changes for me, but also it has resulted in a dramatic shift in my relationship with my life partner, which in turn is helping me pursue a new career path I have been desiring but been blocked from for many years. I am a Reiki Master, avid meditator and spiritual seeker who has been working in the private sector in an unrelated field for the last couple of decades. For at least the past 8 or 10 years, I have been wanting to more closely align my career with my passion for healing, meditation and supporting others on their path, but every time I have mentioned this idea to my partner, he has been completely against it and unsupportive. I have not known how to overcome his resistance, and also I was probably dealing with a number of my own money fears when thinking about striking out in this new direction.

Doing this work with Edward has facilitated a deeper connection with my Highest Self, which has allowed me to begin taking steps towards answering my calling to be a healer, something that I had almost given up hope that I would ever be able to pursue. And, what’s really amazing is that after my most recent session with Edward—our 3rd session together—an almost magical shift occurred with my partner. Without a big conversation or confrontation, we had an almost off-hand conversation about my desire to start taking steps in this new career direction. In the past where there was significant, seemingly adamant resistance, he just simply said “That makes sense.” I was pinching myself as if this were a dream. Who is this man I just spoke to? Is this the same person I talked to about this over the years?

I immediately put up a website and started letting people know about my new endeavors, and I have been receiving a great deal of support from others, as well. AND, if that weren’t enough I just came across a certificate program related to my new career, which I want to attend. While in the past the high price tag would have almost certainly led my partner to say no, again he is showing up in a new way and supporting me in living more deeply into my truth and pursuing my passion. He is 100% in favor of me making this investment and attending the program, and again I am pinching myself. His behavior and support in this area of my life is a complete 180 degree turn from where it has been for many years.

Wow! I can hardly believe what is happening in my relationship and am so excited to be stepping into alignment with the vision I have had for my career for many years but have been unable to bring into reality.

—A Newly Supported Woman in Canada

The Compassion Key constantly amazes me with its simplicity and its power. Life is just getting better and better since I started this program 2 weeks ago. I use the short form most everyday — some days more than others. It’s available anytime, anywhere for any charged emotion. The shifts are profound on the internal level and are rapidly reflected in my external landscape by the amount of joy I am feeling in my daily life. After decades of what I am now realizing was chronic low-grade depression (that I wasn’t even aware of until now), this growing joy in my daily life is the greatest gift I can imagine. You and The Compassion Key are shining Grace into my life, Edward. Thank you so much for sharing this powerful, life-changing work with me and the world!

—Circle 1 Participant in Oregon

At the age of 7, I was raped by my best friend’s father. The details of the initial and subsequent rapes are unclear as I have chosen not to bring them back into my awareness. What is starkly clear however is the way it changed my childhood, the relationship with my parents, my sexuality and my withdrawal into a shell of secrecy and mistrust for the next 37 years.

We’ve all read the stories of sexually abused children and the myriad ways it affects their life so I won’t labor the details. What I hope will suffice instead is a series of words and phrases that when strung together portrays an accurate enough picture: anger, shame, feeling responsible, isolation, fear of attachment, unsafe, bulimia, control, drugs, prostitution, overdose, therapy, failed marriage, sexual numbness, self loathing, mental numbness, loss of joy.

This was my life. It was masked efficiently behind many childhood and adult accolades and accomplishments – straight A’s, homecoming queen, NFL cheerleader, swimsuit model, high-profile boyfriends, Vice President work title – but behind the facade and engaging smile my soul was a shriveled fragment desperately wanting to transform.

Edward came into my life during a deep immersion in my renewal process. In one two-hour session, which was prompted initially due to some curious menstrual cycle issues, he was able to gently facilitate linking together all my life fragments and taking me back to where my childhood memories ceased to exist. Through Edward’s caring, gentle nature and the sphere of trust he created, the molestation, which remained dormant despite years of therapy, rose quickly from the deep trenches of my psyche and all the emotions attached to it surfaced and were released.

Without a doubt my session with Edward is perhaps the most pivotal shift in my being. I have lovingly given that wounded 7-year old girl compassion as I have for all the destructive choices I made in the 37 years afterward. Can one’s life change in a moment? In two hours? Perhaps not entirely, but the major demons shaping it can be released and one can step across the threshold into a new life.

-Executive in California


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Receive additional support from Edward and others in the community between the live calls. Share your challenges and victories, questions and insights. Offer support to others.


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If you feel The Compassion Key might be one of the missing pieces to the healing, transformation & manifestations you are wanting to create in your life (or maybe THE missing piece), I would highly recommend signing up for a Compassion Key Membership right away.

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