animated heartBreakthrough Results

Much of the facilitation work I do includes some degree of focus on The Compassion Key®, which is the single most effective tool I know of for healing, personal transformation, heart-centered manifestation and achieving peak performance in any and every area of our lives, including health, wealth, relationships, spirituality, and more. This modality, its diverse applications and why it is such a powerful approach is the topic of my most recent book, Impossible Compassion. (More info about my books here).

Beyond The Compassion Key, I bring a fairly eclectic tool kit of techniques and processes to our sessions. The primary goal of each session and each customized program is to work concurrently across levels and modalities so that you get the complete shift you are needing, e.g., emotional and intellectual, left brain and right brain, conscious and subconscious, spiritual and practical, overcoming limiting belief systems and healing the corresponding emotional wounds… and so on.

While we can gain some value from addressing one piece of the complex mind-body system, I have found that breakthrough results more often come from achieving and integrating transformations on multiple levels simultaneously.

You can hear about some of the breakthroughs people have had working with me here.

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