The Compassion Key® Certification Programs

The Compassion Key® Certification Programs are robust, highly transformational courses that take place one to four times each year, depending on the course.

There are 3 programs – Level I Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Circle Leader (which prepares participants to lead groups and certifies them to develop their own group programs using The Compassion Key).

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And first, some more information about certification…

Each Program Contains The 6 Essential Elements Of Mastery In Harmony And Balance With One Another:

Instruction. all programs include a combination of recorded sessions and live classes led by Edward; some sessions cover how to facilitate Compassion Key sessions and other aspects of being a successful practitioner; “Compassion Lab” calls are where participants discuss case studies and share best practices, challenges and insights – these CLab calls draw heavily on the wisdom of the circle with Edward taking more of a moderator role for these lively, fun and informative sessions.

Practice. each program requires varying levels of documented practice hours, often split about evenly between practicing with others in the program and practicing with potential clients or other individuals outside the program; Circle Leader program includes leading a live group practice call

Feedback. from classmates and other practice clients; from Edward and/or other Master Practitioners on a recording of you facilitating a session with a practice client (optional add-on for a limited number of participants only)

Transformation. each program includes 1 or more special group facilitation calls led by Edward in which for example in Level I 1) each and every program participant greatly expands their ability to witness & support miracles and 2) participants gain direct experience of how what they carry in their field influences other peoples’ realities; In addition to live facilitation calls led by Edward, all participants have the opportunity to receive numerous Compassion Key facilitations from others in the program (on average 20-30 hours in Master Certification, for example); Participants in any of the programs can also add private sessions with Edward and/or practitioners already certified by Edward (optional add-on for a limited number of participants only)

Community. online private community during and after the program; “Compassion Lab” live calls are also great for community building and a deepening of relationships within the circle.

Transmission. receive Compassion Key transmissions/activations during specific sessions in each program and also in the background throughout the programs.

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