“Edward, first off, again, thank you. Our session was great and I very much appreciate it. Just a quick check in as to what’s changed/moved since the session.


1. My chest feels very different. I never really noticed it before but it felt tight/constricted/heavy. It was such a part of me, I just didn’t notice it til it was gone. Now my heart chakra area feels very light, open and expansive. So whatever was there, is gone. I check in with it multiple times a day and it feels open 100% of the time. So that’s definitely a change. As to what this signifies, we’ll see as time progresses.



4. This is big. I had a Great Uncle who passed away earlier this year, a very wealthy man, never married, no kids. He lived about 10 miles from where I grew up and my dad took care of him his entire life – had been in very poor health since 1992.  When he died the family rumor was, he was going to leave his entire estate to one of his nieces who lived several states away, who didn’t need the money, and who hadn’t done anything to help him in years, but they held the same unusual political beliefs. Several of my family members were really outraged about this but my opinion always had been, it’s his money, he can do whatever he wants with it. I had never throughout my entire life had any expectation of inheriting a penny from him.  Well – his will was formally read over the weekend and apparently he changed it right before he died, and decided to divide up the estate equally among all his nieces, nephews and great-nieces and nephews. There are 28 of us and I now stand to inherit a large sum of money – probably just under $100K or so. This was COMPLETELY out of the blue.


5. This is huge. You may recall that I had to cancel the first webinar because I had a job interview. I’ve been looking for a new job for about 3 months now, having been with the same company off-and-on for 9 years. Well, my boss confronted me early this week and made me an offer I can’t refuse, to stay. An enormous raise (25%), added financial incentives over time, more autonomy over my work, and official recognition as the #2 person in the company under him, over everyone else and in charge of pretty much the whole company to some extent. You have no idea what a shock this is, given our previous working relationship, history, issues, etc. I’ve always joked (to his face!) that we must have done some really bad stuff to each other in past lives to be stuck together this way for so long. (We’re next-door neighbors and I’ve worked for him since 2004.) I’ve worked for him for 9+ years, never been thanked, never been given a compliment or any positive feedback, and only 1 small raise in that entire time. To say this was a shock is the biggest understatement possible.


Anyway – obviously SOMETHING is happening. I suspect some other stuff will shake out before the end of this week given that I have some stuff going on. But nothing else big to report yet. I just wanted to let you know – I think you said the visualization we went through was the first time you’ve done that particular visualization. So far, man. It works.”


-Senior Executive in Washington, DC (5 days after our initial session)


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