“Your compassion is the most powerful healing force on the planet. The most important thing you could possibly do right now – for yourself and everyone else – is to begin to develop and/or further develop your capacity to use your compassionate heart as a source of goodness and healing in your own life and in the life of humanity.” – From the Introduction to the Book, Impossible Compassion

There is a reason compassion is important in all of the world’s great religious traditions, and is particularly central to Buddhism. Curiously enough however, there are some simple self-directed compassion techniques that have extremely profound healing benefits, but which to my knowledge are not widely known about or taught within Buddhist and non-Buddhist circles alike.

One of the most important things I have learned working with The Compassion Key over the past 10 years is that our compassion can heal all things in our lives and can help us get everything we want in life and more. And, I really mean ALL things. From healing physical or emotional issues and transforming relationships to enabling greater career & financial success, finding our most compatible soul mate/reigniting our marriage, or granting us whatever else our heart desires in this moment, Directed Compassion is the key that unlocks every door.

How is it so powerful? So versatile?

Our compassion is the single most effective tool that I am aware of for rewriting and transforming our karma, or what I sometimes refer to as our karmic code. Our karmic code is the hidden cause beneath all things in our life, so what I am talking about here then is rewriting the invisible rules and scripts that govern and create our visible lives, ultimately leading to profound, potentially miraculous outcomes in our external worlds.

And, once we gain proficiency at utilizing our compassion to heal ourselves, transform our own lives, we are then in a position to begin utilizing The Compassion Key to help others we care about, and to help address some of the pressing collective issues humanity faces today, things like ending violence and war, putting a halt to global warming and reducing or possibly eliminating the great magnitude of suffering that exists in a number of possible futures for us humans.

What might be surprising to many is that the way we help others and help address these bigger issues is still about giving compassion to ourselves. We can support our spouse’s physical or emotional healing process by giving compassion to ourselves. We can support our child’s battle with depression or other behavioral issues by giving compassion to ourselves in a very specific way. We can support elected officials whom we have never met; we can help them act with greater integrity by giving compassion to ourselves for all the times we have felt betrayed by people in positions of authority, for all the times we have felt sad or hopeless or angry because people in authority were making harmful decisions.

As we get deeper into the compassion work, as we experience how our karmic code reflects outward not only in our own lives but also into the lives of those with whom we are most closely connected and the world as a whole, we can begin to develop an intellectual understanding, as well as a felt sense, of just how powerful we are as a creative force. We will eventually realize that many situations or events that we used to think of as external, not caused by us in any way, how these situations and events are the visible expression of invisible processes that begin with, or at least include, our karma.