Regardless of how you define happiness, regardless of which outcomes you wish to achieve in life, there are three keys to everything:

1. Surrender to Divine Will, Your Highest Self, Your Most Fully Conscious and Enlightened Self, or whatever other label you ascribe to what I am referring to here.

2. Move from partial truths to full Truth, and let go of illusion altogether.

3. Begin to develop and/or further develop your capacity to use the force of your own compassion as a tool to bring more healing and goodness into your life and the life of humanity.

That’s it. If you do these three things, I promise without a smidgeon of doubt that you will have everything you want in life and more. There are no disclaimers to be made here, no small print, no qualifying statements. You will have and be everything you want, and more, if you do these three things.

Key #1: Surrendering to Divine Will, Your Highest Self

Surrendering to Divine Will might sound a bit scary at first, and there may in fact be some scary moments during this process. Actually, I can almost guarantee there will be some scary moments. When we surrender to Divine Will, our Highest Self, what we are doing is handing ourselves over to the best part of our self, our True Self, and we are committing to only think and act from that place and to let all else that we used to identify with atrophy and fall away.

Depending on where we are in our spiritual development process, our Highest Self might be pretty close to who we normally are in our day-to-day existence, or it might be pretty far away. The further away we are from already embodying our Highest Self in each moment, the more this process might feel like handing ourselves over to someone or something outside of ourselves, something foreign, and the more it might feel as if who we think we are is being confined or possibly even dying.

Have you ever noticed that wheat grass shots, green magma or green juice of any kind can taste pretty bad when you’re not very healthy, but tastes pretty good or even possibly great when you are living a clean, healthy lifestyle? In my experience, the further I am from ideal physical health the worse super healthy things taste and the better unhealthy things taste.

The further you are from already living as a true expression of your Highest Self, the scarier the process of coming into alignment is likely to be, the bigger the transformation, the death and rebirth that lies ahead. But, don’t let fear be an obstacle. No true harm can come to you when you are living as your Highest Self, and there are many rewards. The closer we get to embodying our Highest Self in each and every moment the more joyful and abundant life becomes, the less we suffer, and the closer we get to Self-Actualization, the pinnacle of human existence.

Does it sound like it might be worth taking the leap of faith of surrender, or does it at least sound intriguing to you? If you wish to surrender to your Highest Self right now or another time soon, you can say the following words out loud; or if you prefer, you can put together your own statement of surrender. (If you do create your own statement or prayer, I would love it if you would share it with me, either privately via email or publicly as a discussion post below).

Here’s mine:

I am not sure if I am ready for this, and I’m not sure what this step means in its entirety, but I know that taking this step is the right thing for me to do right now. I surrender to my Highest Self; I surrender to Divine Will in my life. I ask you, my Highest Self, I ask you, God, Goddess, the Universe, please give me the discernment to hear your voice and the faith to follow it wherever it leads me. Help me embody the best part of myself in each and every moment, to be who I really am beneath the wounds and confusion. Help me to know and go deeper into my True Self, so that I can be a healthier, happier, more whole person, so that I can experience the joy of completion and the end of suffering, and so that more and more I can be a source of goodness and healing in the lives of those I care about the most and humanity as a whole.

And so it is.