Whether we are conscious of it or not, many of us at some level fear or otherwise reject enlightenment. Here are some of the most popular reasons for doing so along with the antidote for each of these inaccurate belief systems. This topic is so important and so substantive, I will be splitting this post into three parts so that we have sufficient time and space to discuss it adequately.

Reason #1. I have to give away all of my money and material belongings.

The only thing you need to do to become enlightened is to surrender to your Highest Self, your Most Fully Conscious and Enlightened Self. By doing this again and again, over time you simply become your Highest Self, you embody in each moment your Future Fully Enlightened Self.

Does your Highest Self have money and material belongings? Probably most of the time, and definitely when it serves your Highest Good and the Highest Good of all beings.

It is true that for some people part of their path may include time as a recluse meditating in caves or whatnot, but this is not necessarily the case for all people. Many people have misconceptions of enlightenment because so many of the world’s major religions focus on renunciation as the path to light. Renunciation is not the only path and at times it itself can be a false path that people pursue because they are told it is the only way, when in fact it is taking them away from their unique road of salvation.

Many people with a Christian background can’t seem to get the scripture out of their head that a rich man’s chance of getting into heaven is the same as the chance of getting a camel through the eye of a needle. The truth in this scripture is that peoples’ attachment to material belongings can be so strong that it prevents them from fully surrendering to their Highest Self and going wherever that voice tells them to go. The key then is to become the master of your money and possessions, to not be overly attached to them and end up letting them own you. The key is to develop ever-increasing discernment and faith so that you can clearly hear and trust the voice that is guiding you, knowing that whatever perceived sacrifices you may need to make to take the next step forward on your true path, that you will be rewarded with greater and greater gifts each step of the way.

Financially rich people can experience the heaven of enlightenment. And, surely the world can benefit from some number of wealthy enlightened people, and perhaps an even greater number of financially self-sufficient middle-class enlightened people. How we will ever attain enlightenment as a species if those with the greatest temporal power and wealth, and if people along all parts of the socio-economic spectrum are not enlightened?

Check in next week as we address two more common reasons people reject Enlightenment:

Reason #2. My spouse/partner isn’t enlightened enough, and I will leave them behind.

Reason #3. I won’t be able to enjoy McDonalds French Fries, getting drinks with friends, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, or sex anymore.