“I was pleasantly surprised in my session with Edward to shift some things I had been aware of and unable to shift myself over a number of decades.


Our session centered on the moment in my child hood when my heart broke and I began to bury my light. The moment I retired my wings and decided to stop flying because others were afraid to leave the safe confines of their small worlds in order to go with me to the places I could lead them.


For years I have been doing a daily sun meditation in which I aim to access and embody my light body. But, for years, I have not been able to get there because as it turns out I, myself, buried my light body so deeply back then that even I couldn’t find it.


In our one beautiful session together, Edward took me back to the younger version of me, and he guided me through a simple, yet powerful exercise in which I used my own compassion to heal this heart broken little girl. After accomplishing some major healing on ‘younger me’, we also took a look at me today. From outside of myself, I gave compassion to myself today. Somehow Edward knew that we needed to give ‘current me’ compassion for her hurt feet that were so tired of carrying my weight through this world when I should have been flying or otherwise using my wings to soften the burden.


After I gave current me several doses of compassion, Edward asked me if I remembered how to use my wings so that it looks as if I am walking, even though really I am barely just touching the ground with none of my weight coming down through my feet. Upon his asking, I immediately regained this ability, and I could see in my mind’s eye the essence of myself flying around and happily hovering above the ground.


There was a triangle of light connecting me looking on the scene from outside of myself, the essence of myself today, and a now healed childhood me. As all these aspects of me bathed in the light together, I was my light body. I could feel it through and through down to the level of my cells. I achieved the state of being I had been craving and seeking for many years, but had been unable to reach on my own, and in this experience, a powerful imprint was created, an anchor or doorway back to this place that I can access later.


This experience by itself would have been enough, but then Edward led me one step further. Earlier in the session, Edward had asked me if my husband could fly with me, if I could lead anyone to these joyful places. I had said it was a bit confusing, some people come into this life tethered down and may not be able to fly.


After helping me regain my light and my wings, Edward came back to this crucial question, and he asked me again if my husband could fly with me, if everyone is capable of flying. My old limiting belief system could no longer hold me.


Yes, everyone can fly, and I can show them how!


As a long-time seeker of truth and light, as a wife and mother, and as a professional healer and spiritual counselor, this was such an important belief system for me to get past. How can I help others learn to fly, if deep down I believed many people can’t?


Not only did I get a profound personal healing and reconnect with my wings and my light body, but also, my session with Edward empowered me to be a more effective healer and spiritual teacher.


I am truly grateful.”


-Healer and Wisdom Teacher Living in Bali and Australia


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