“I had struggled for three years with interstitial cystitis, and had recently read The MindBody Prescription, as well as Abigail Steidley’s e-book on healing using the mind. I found Edward’s book, Impossible Compassion, to be a fantastic companion piece to those. The ideas expressed in it helped confirm and reinforce things I was coming to terms with, and is a great tool to use as a reference later, even after you’re doing reading it.


The thing, I believe, that began the healing process for me was how emotions we currently have and the one’s we’ve burrowed down deep can affect the present moment. Impossible Compassion shows how to get back to those emotions and deal with them so you can begin to heal. Keep in mind, healing from pain is a slow process, but that’s how I’m finding long-term relief now.


I recommend Edward’s book highly, along with The MindBody Prescription, and if you have interstitial cystitis, Abigail Steidley’s site is great too. These books, together, are the reason I am beating I.C. today (I’m pain free the majority of time now!) and I imagine myself completely cured in the near future (which according to modern medicine has no cure).”


-Science teacher and author in Indiana


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