“At the age of 7, I was raped by my best friend’s father. The details of the initial and subsequent rapes are unclear as I have chosen not to bring them back into my awareness. What is starkly clear however is the way it changed my childhood, the relationship with my parents, my sexuality and my withdrawal into a shell of secrecy and mistrust for the next 37 years.


We’ve all read the stories of sexually abused children and the myriad ways it affects their life so I won’t labor the details. What I hope will suffice instead is a series of words and phrases that when strung together portrays an accurate enough picture: anger, shame, feeling responsible, isolation, fear of attachment, unsafe, bulimia, control, drugs, prostitution, overdose, therapy, failed marriage, sexual numbness, self loathing, mental numbness, loss of joy.


This was my life. It was masked efficiently behind many childhood and adult accolades and accomplishments – straight A’s, homecoming queen, NFL cheerleader, swimsuit model, high-profile boyfriends, Vice President work title – but behind the facade and engaging smile my soul was a shriveled fragment desperately wanting to transform.


Edward came into my life during a deep immersion in my renewal process. In one two-hour session, which was prompted initially due to some curious menstrual cycle issues, he was able to gently facilitate linking together all my life fragments and taking me back to where my childhood memories ceased to exist. Through Edward’s caring, gentle nature and the sphere of trust he created, the molestation, which remained dormant despite years of therapy, rose quickly from the deep trenches of my psyche and all the emotions attached to it surfaced and were released.


Without a doubt my session with Edward is perhaps the most pivotal shift in my being. I have lovingly given that wounded 7-year old girl compassion as I have for all the destructive choices I made in the 37 years afterward. Can one’s life change in a moment? In two hours? Perhaps not entirely, but the major demons shaping it can be released and one can step across the threshold into a new life.”


-Executive in California


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