Tired Of Having An Incomplete Puzzle?

Have you spent a ton of time and maybe a good amount of money working on the following areas?

Conscious intentions & thoughts
Subconscious patterns & limiting beliefs
Energy system & blocks

Have you had some big breakthroughs and transformations, but there are still one or more parts of your life that for some reason just won’t cooperate?

If this is you, then you’re in the right place.

Most people who enter The Compassion Key Circle 1 Program have spent many years, often decades, on a conscious path of personal & spiritual development. Yet, in spite of applying a number of great tools and practices over the years, they still have not gotten to the experience of wholeness they are ultimately seeking.

Financial scarcity. Physical health challenges. Unpleasant relationship dynamics. Anxiety and subtle addictions. An unsettling feeling in the body, in the heart. A visceral knowing that something is not quite right or hasn’t fallen into its proper place yet.

These are some of the symptoms people experience when they have already done a lot of great work on a number of important levels, but they are still missing one or more important pieces.

If millions of people are already spending a lot of time on their conscious intentions & thoughts, subconscious patterns & limiting beliefs, emotions, and energy system & blocks, but we still don’t see millions of totally happy and whole people, perhaps collectively we are all missing something?

The Compassion Key Circle 1 Program

When you purchase The Compassion Key® Circle 1 Program, you will immediately gain access to The Compassion Key Core Empowerment, a full day seminar’s worth of content and transmission compressed down into three 1 hour videos that reveal:

  • Why The Law of Attraction, Creative Visualization, And Other Personal Development Techniques & Healing Modalities Often Fail To Get The Desired Results
  • The ONE Hidden Cause For Nearly All The Struggle & Disappointment In Every Area Of Your Life
  • How To Un-Create The Parts Of Your Reality You Don’t Like So That Your Heart & Soul’s Deepest Desires Can Spontaneously Shine Through Into Form
  • A Simple Yet Powerful Heart-Centered Process That Will Enable You To Solve Any Problem And Reach Any Authentic Goal… Including Spiritual Goals Like Achieving What I Call “Integrated Enlightenment”
  • How You Can Move Beyond Helping Yourself And Can Actually Support The Healing Of A Sick Loved One Or Help Solve Large Scale Environmental & Social Problems, Simply By Giving Yourself Compassion In A Very Specific Way

Many people report getting major shifts in their financial life, relationships, physical health, spiritual life and more, just from listening to and applying the information contained in these introductory videos. And this is just the beginning!

Building on the foundational content, you are then immersed in a 7-week home study program containing all of the key tools and information you need to apply The Compassion Key to get transformational results in any and every area of your life (including those parts of your life that have refused to cooperate until now).

Week 1 Priming For Breakthroughs & Creating Space For Miracles; The Compassion Key Long Form Technique Including Variations
Week 2 The Compassion Key Short Cut Technique—Getting Deep, Deep Clearings In 1 Minute Or Less
Week 3 Compassion Key For Greater Health & Vitality; Compassion Phrases For Weight Loss; Bridging From Internal Work To External Manifestations
Week 4 Compassion Key For Relationships; The Mirror Technique & Clearing The Hidden Half Of The Wound
Week 5 Compassion Key For Money; Redefining What Money Is; Identifying Hidden Money Blocks; Transforming With Compassion
Week 6 Compassion Key For Enlightenment; Seeing Past Silver Linings & Other Key Insights From My First Book, Reinventing Truth; Optional Exercise—Surrendering To Our Highest Self
Week 7 Course Wrap-Up

Here’s What Some Past Participants Have Said

“The shifts are profound on the internal level and are reflected in my external landscape by the amount of joy I am feeling in my daily life even though there is no apparent change in my physical circumstances (financial etc.) yet. After decades of what I am now realizing was chronic low-grade depression this is the greatest gift I can imagine.

The big shift came a day or 2 after the call. I have been asking myself the question “What do I need to let go of?” for several months now in regards to a health issue and not really finding an answer but trusting that it would come. The answer came to me very clearly after the call that I need to let go of this depression and sadness that has been following me around for a large part of my life. I realized that it wasn’t mine – it was that wounded young child’s. All she needed was to be acknowledged and given some love and compassion to be able to integrate and heal. So I believe it’s a culmination of the last 2 weeks but that the 10 min. on the phone really opened up some space for some significant shifts to take place. I’m continuing to process and using the short cut technique to assist things flowing with ease and grace.

CK constantly amazes me with it’s simplicity and it’s power. Life is just getting better and better. I use the short form most everyday-some days more than others. It’s available anytime, anywhere for any charged emotion. I feel it is shining grace into my life…

—Circle 1 Participant 2014

“The best way I can describe it is, it feels like I have these icebergs (with intimate and financial health) that are slowly melting. I have been selling more and more books, and my professional partnerships are beginning to blossom. In my personal life, I have noticed a shift in old patterns of dissolving, and I am much more aware of when blocked energy comes up. So, I use the short form when this happens, to keep the energy moving. I am noticing that my love life and also other relationships are deepening, and I have a greater sense of trust. Another major thing I notice is that I no longer have feelings of low self-worth. So, when new opportunities knock-and there are some major ones-I am able to answer with my highest self. Pretty incredible. I no longer resonate with that feeling. I resonate with being worthy of love and financial success, etc.”

—Author & Holistic Practitioner in Portland

“I had a pretty amazing experience using the short form during one of my autistic son’s anxiety rages. After I had said about 4 phrases silently to myself, just looking down while he was raging in the room, he suddenly stopped and came and put his hand on my heart. Then he started to amp up again, and after I had said a few more phrases, he was able to tell me that he was really angry. Then after I said a few more phrases (again, this is silently, and only Compassion Key phrases directed at me, not him) he sat down and could talk about what was happening for him. He was very high functioning. Wow. Normally, a rage of that level lasts over 45 minutes. I was impressed enough to sign up for the LightWorker Accelerator course. Just listened to the 2nd preview call and WOW! It was very, very powerful for me. Lots of tears and shifts, and deep patterns releasing. Thanks Edward! I so appreciate what you are doing in the world and the ripple effect it is having.”

—CiCi in Circle 1

“The Compassion Key constantly amazes me with its simplicity and its power. Life is just getting better and better since I started this program 2 weeks ago. I use the short form most everyday — some days more than others. It’s available anytime, anywhere for any charged emotion. The shifts are profound on the internal level and are rapidly reflected in my external landscape by the amount of joy I am feeling in my daily life. After decades of what I am now realizing was chronic low-grade depression (that I wasn’t even aware of until now), this growing joy in my daily life is the greatest gift I can imagine. You and The Compassion Key are shining Grace into my life, Edward. Thank you so much for sharing this powerful, life-changing work with me and the world!”

—Circle 1 Participant in Oregon

“Hi Edward and everyone! I wanted to share with you that since starting the program, I have successfully gotten off of the pain medication I was on for way to long! The Compassion Key work is so powerful and transformative it’s hard to put into words. Edward, you are one of the most compassionate, intuitive, and beautiful souls I have ever met, and I am so grateful for you and your work. I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

—Georgia Siegner, Circle 1 Participant in Missouri

“I know this is a little personal but I had great sex with my husband today! That is all I’m gonna say!” (text message sent 2 days after our initial phone session)
“All I can say is I am having great sex… Like all the time!” (text message sent 5 days after our initial phone session)

—R.S., happily married mom, yoga teacher and private client in California

“The CK breakthroughs are the *best* Edward — sometimes a wound heals & the associated bad imprints dissolve so quickly — I never imagined that was even possible. Yesterday, I felt a depth of joy that I haven’t felt since before my parents died — it’s as if all five senses are expanding back as I become healthier. Amazing!

“Though there are still rough days, my baseline now is truly one of joy & harmony. On the material world manifestation side–in a moment of financial stress, unexpected money just appeared when I needed it. Wow. I could never fully surrender before CK, & now it is one of my greatest blessings. #Liberation from fear & control. My life is starting to make sense to me. #Inevitability #Transformation #Gratitude”

—H.R.M., Fashion & Media Entrepreneur and Circle 1 Participant in L.A.

“Miracles are afoot! I have been practicing CK repeatedly every day about virtually everything that comes up for me, and I have also shared my excitement about the tool with my husband, [who has recently been in crisis struggling with the surfacing effects of being deeply wounded/scarred by his past], also with my adult daughter and her husband who live with us, and all have started doing it too. The first time my hubby tried it he felt immediate relief and is ready for more. Things which have been dramatically coming up to heal are shifting rapidly.”

—Liesl in Circle 1

“I LOVE The Compassion Key!

It’s fast, simple and powerful — and more so than anything else I’ve found. The first phrase I said felt like an earthquake inside my being. I’ve done a lot of inner work and nothing creates results like The Compassion Key. The big patterns of my life finally make sense. I’ve been able to shift the ‘stickiest’ stuff — the patterns that have persisted in the face of every other modality I’ve tried. It really does feel like it’s working at a deeper level, with the changes then filtering up through energetic and emotional layers until they reach my conscious awareness.

“And, did I mention that I also LOVE working with Edward?!

“I find Edward’s energy as a teacher is extremely clean. I’ve not seen any trace of spiritual ego or ideas about spiritual hierarchy come from him. His focus on empowering the people he teaches and works with is relentless. Most of all, he is deeply committed to truth-telling and his own growth. I trust him more than any other teacher I’ve encountered. He’s a joy to learn from.”

—Belinda Noakes, Gold Coast, Australia

“I find the processes so fast, so powerful. It’s like an anytime, anywhere, anything, kind of option. The simplicity of that is amazing.”

—Circle 1 Participant in Canada

“I have become more and more totally in love with my work at the NICU and they are responding in kind and giving me more responsibilities and more direct contact with the babies. The babies respond beautifully as well — I’m a baby whisperer ☺ My physical aches and pains have all but disappeared as well. Quite a miracle, and one I am so grateful for. I’m happy just about all the time. That’s a miracle, too…”

—Stephanie M., Circle 1 Participant, Happy and Pain Free ☺

“I saw Edward interviewed and instantly resonated with him and his work.

“I have since participated in his Compassion Key groups and applied the techniques to various elements in my life, notably money.

“Things flowing to me more easily became noticeable right away from the group work, and later when completing 2 private sessions with Edward, significant shifts occurred on both occasions.

“Our first session was around me being powerful as a healer, and right afterwards my client base quickly grew and reached the limits of my availability. Suddenly, my part time healing schedule was totally full and challenging me to consider quitting my day job!

“Our second session helped shift an energetic paradigm around a past life and how it was showing up in my current life in a way that was limiting me. The shift created a desirable outcome with a major problem at work that had profound implications for me in my career and financial life (and emotionally too).

“Fast forward a few months later and 1) I’ve had a major financial windfall 2) some new investments are going well and 3) I’ve quit my day job – I am seeing clients full time and am as busy as possible which is good enough to match my bank wage!

“Life is awesome. Unbelievable.

“The Compassion Key is the 8th wonder of the world! ”

—David S. in Australia

“Hello group, a few weeks ago I started to give myself compassion for the struggles I have experienced in my career. something very interesting happened, from one day to another my bosses decided I should work on internationalization and localization, using my translation skills and I really like the new work although it’s challenging and quite chaotic at times as we really are still in the process of figuring out how we are going to do this. Now yesterday, I started giving myself compassion for my issues with money, mainly being afraid of not having enough and not being able to share freely, and today my boss is telling me that we will be definitely talking about a better reward for my work when getting my new job profile on paper. This has not happened for years…”

—Bianka in Circle 1

“The Compassion Key and working personally with Edward in several programs has allowed for a spiritual shift and awakening of my feeling nature. There is greater ease in all I do and more of a heart centered-ness instead of being stuck in a mind tormented place.
The tool of Compassion Key allows me to self-direct my own healing. It is extremely easy to use and extremely effective compared to the other modalities I have been trained in. It’s also effective in bringing one into the moment and allowing release of imprints in the moment.

“Edward Mannix is the real deal and walks his talk. There is a congruence in his person and his teaching that I have seldom seen in other teachers. Edward is simply the real deal. He has a huge heart and holds tremendous space for all of his clients optimal growth and expansion of consciousness.”

—Dr. David Camhi in Asheville, N.C.

Are You Ready To Finally And Forever Break Free Of Old Patterns And Step Into The Life Your Soul Was Truly Meant To Live?

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